Premium Membership

We owe our growth and success to you, our loyal clients.  We wanted a unique way to demonstrate our appreciation.  This sparked our idea to create the Premium Membership Program to help save you money through discounted services you already use!

We decided to take a closer look at some of our most popular add-on services and provide them at a lower rate through a yearly membership.

Here’s how it works: you pick which membership option is best suited for you and your listings, and you save money on services you’re already using on a regular basis.


The Silver Membership offers a RUSH delivery (with next business day turn around time) on all of your tours for the year for a one time payment of $199 for the year.  That means, if you add a RUSH to more than four tours a year, you are getting them for FREE!

The Blue Membership provides you the same RUSH delivery + a PlanoMotion video on every single tour through the year for a one time price of $299. If you order more than four RUSH and PlanoMotion videos for your listings each year, you are getting the rest for FREE.

You understand the importance of showcasing your listings through quality marketing to get them sold fast.  We understand the importance of saving your well-earned money while doing so. With the Premium Membership Program, we all win.

PlanOmatic Referral Program

PlanOmatic Referral Program

PlanOmatic Referral Program

Recently, PlanOmatic  announced the launch of the PlanOmatic Referral Program – a program designed to reward PlanOmatic’s faithful clients who have helped us grow by providing a constant flow of referrals. In a recent survey, PlanOmatic found that 23.2% of existing clients came to PlanOmatic through referral. That’s almost 1/4 of our book of business – it also says something about PlanOmatic’s service.

The PlanOmatic Referral Program is simple. If you refer one of your fellow agents to PlanOmatic, we’ll send you a $50 Visa Gift Card. For all the details, click here.

We’d like to say thank you to all our clients – you’re our biggest fans.

We deserve a big K.I.S.S. – PlanOmatic’s New Simplified Pricing

We founded PlanOmatic in April of 2005 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. It’s been five great years. Five years of growth in earnings as well as geographically. Overall, we have made great decisions, but I have always noticed one factor that needed improvement: our pricing structure. This issue has poked and prodded our team over and over and over again without rest. When Justin and I were discussing the new PlanOmatic Referral Program, a light bulb went off for both of us...

Our pricing has always been based on the size of your listing, a.k.a. square footage. Beginning August 1st, we are making a big change. Our full service interactive floor plan & photography tour will now be priced based on the listing price. Why, you ask?

  • Previously, PlanOmatic had different rate sheets for every region where we operate. Naturally. A 2,000 sq. ft. listing in Michigan (was $149) is quite different from the same size home in Los Angeles (was $349). With our new pricing model, one price sheet covers the entire country.
  • Different square footage calculation methods were used in different regions. For some, we used square footage mapped at the property, and for others, the square footage listed in the MLS. This caused a great deal of confusion for our clients. With our new pricing model, square footage no longer plays a roll in our pricing .
  • In order to avoid client confusion in our various operating regions – regions with formerly divergent price structures – we hesitated to publish our rates on our website. With our new model based on listing price, we will now happily display our single rate sheet on our website (coming soon).
  • Larger sized homes with lower listing prices made PlanOmatic unaffordable at times. With our new model based on listing price, PlanOmatic is now affordable for anyone, with prices starting at $149 for our full service floor plan & photography tour (keep reading to see how this change may affect you).

Granted, that price of $149 won’t apply in some regions like California. But for some, this means a lot. In West Michigan, you’ll find that prices are going to stay pretty much the same. Same with Connecticut. The biggest change in price will be affect California. Previous to the restructure, PhotoPlan pricing in California started at $349. Based on our cost analysis, most listings in California will now be priced at $299 for listings with asking prices between $750,001 and $1,000,000. For listings $750,000 and below, our pricing will now be more affordable than ever, ranging from $249 to $149 (see the chart below for a complete breakdown).

Finally, home prices have dropped significantly in the last five years, yet PlanOmatic prices have stayed relatively stagnant. Not anymore. As home prices shift, so do ours.

We hope you find this change will eliminate a whole lot of confusion, and that you find our prices more to your liking. We may be restructuring our pricing model, however we will continue to provide you with the highest quality of photography, interactive tours and customer care.