Aerial Photography for All!

After many grueling months of trials, regulations and laws, drones are finally allowed for usage within the real estate industry, and you better believe we’re catching onto that tail wind. PlanOmatic is now offering Aerial Photography services everywhere in the U.S.!

You’ve seen the stunning imagery before, but we’ll drop these here in case you need a refresher…


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..and these…





Don’t feel bad, we’re drooling too. Want to see more? Let’s goooo.

Giveback Homes Build Day – San Francisco



On July 30, 2016, Giveback Homes, a real estate professional volunteer and donation network, partnered with Habitat for Humanity, an international organization driven to build homes and communities for those in need, to volunteer for Build Day in San Francisco. 


PlanOmatic was happy to be the first to ever sponsor and provide photography at the event. Our long-time photographer and account manager, AJ Canaria, had the pleasure of capturing this momentous day which brought volunteers together to work on Habitat Terrace, the largest development of it’s kind in the San Francisco area.

AJ says, “I just absolutely love telling a story through pictures. It was fun following around each one of these groups, getting to know each person as I moved from one building to the next, and capturing them in action doing their specific task. Everyone had a smile on their face and really had a great energy to them. It was a rewarding experience being part of something bigger than myself and taking part and doing something for social good.”


PlanOmatic is proud to sponsor events such as these, which focus on providing everyone a stable home to live in. Working with Giveback homes was a great experience and we can’t wait to see the success they have with future Build Days all across the country and in Nicaragua. We fully support the mission and goals of Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity, and we are happy to contribute to such a wonderful cause.

For more information about the San Francisco Build Day, click here.



Ah yes, neighbors. Think of your current next door neighbor. Your first thought is likely that you love them, you hate them or you have never even met them because you didn’t take the step to introduce yourself.

If you love them, chances are you chat about the kids, chat about work, chat about cars and invite each other to your backyard barbecues. You slurp back your beers in the garage, or sit on the patio and gossip about how tacky Tom’s front yard pink flamingo is or how Rebecca didn’t bring a fruit tray to the cul-de-sac block party.

If you hate your neighbors, it’s likely because they don’t mow the lawn, they rev their motorcycle at three in the morning, they won’t pay to fix the fence that you both share (and refuse to admit is your responsibility split), they blast loud music or their dog only seems to leave little chocolate presents in your yard.

I personally, don’t understand what my upstairs neighbors could possibly be doing that requires the constant stomping around at all hours of the day. Do they breed elephants? Host daily clogging lessons? Perhaps they are attempting to break the record for amount of time continuously bounced on a Pogo Stick. My boyfriend, who has a much shorter temper than mine, decided to find out one afternoon. I sat on the couch and anxiously awaited what I would hear while he trudged upstairs.

I couldn’t make out much but a light muffled conversation. A few minutes later, he returned. “Well?” I said. “They were making chicken.” he replied. “Chicken?” That’s right, after my boyfriend had asked the neighbors to please quit thudding, because he was studying for a “test he had the next day”, they apologized and said that they were cooking chicken, as if that was a valid excuse. Now i’m no Julia Child, but the last time I cooked chicken, it required little to no sumo wrestling, floor screeching, hammering or dropping of the chicken onto the kitchen floor. But I will say this, the amount of physical exertion they experienced cooking that chicken, must have made it tender and delicious! My upstairs neighbors must eat chicken for three square meals a day. Cheers to 14 more months of renting in my unit!

Most of us are too scared to address the issues that we do have with our neighbors. But the truth of the matter is, wether you love, hate or don’t even know your neighbors, they’re here to stay; at least for a while. If you love your neighbors, be thankful. If you hate them, make peace, or sign up for anger management classes. If you don’t know them, for goodness sakes, bake some cookies and introduce yourself. You never know, they may have a yacht.

Shea Stone, Marketing Assistant


Drones Ready for Lift Off!

Drones are one of the hottest topics in real estate right now. Property photos taken from hundreds of feet in the air are dramatically changing the way potential buyers view a home and its neighborhood.

Being experts in stunning real estate photography, we just had to test out the waters. We gave a few of our photographers a drone to see just how great these photos really are. What they captured was breathtaking.

Aerial Photo - PlanOmatic

Aerial Photo - PlanOmatic

Aerial Photo - PlanOmatic

Our first shots were mostly large estates, waterfront properties, and scenic vantage points but aerial photos could be beneficial when listing urban homes as well. After all, buyers aren’t just looking for a house–they’re looking for a neighborhood, a lifestyle, and a place to call home.

Drones help showcase this like no other real estate marketing technology.

Currently, we offer Aerial Photography in Southeastern Connecticut, throughout Rhode Island, and in the Los Angeles area.


Watch Caitlyn, our Aerial Photographer in Los Angeles, as she flies a drone in the Hollywood Hills.

What’s the buzz about drones in your real estate community? We would love to hear your perspective.