Denver Business Journal Small Business Award

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We are pleased to have won the Small Business Award in the category of 20-29 employees presented by the Denver Business Journal at the first annual Small Business Award Luncheon on April 19, 2016 at the Denver Marriott City Center Hotel in downtown Denver.

PlanOmatic ranked #1 in revenue growth over a three-year period between 2012 and 2014 among companies headquartered in the metro-Denver area in the category of 20 to 29 employees, as of March 1, 2015.

“We are honored to have received this award which is a reminder of the accomplishments we have achieved over the years. It keeps us motivated to continue improving our company and our services for the future of business in the real estate industry,” says CEO Kori Covrigaru.

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Ten nominees were selected for each of the five categories chosen by The Denver Business Journal, based on revenue and number of employees as of March 1, 2015. The categories were 46-75 employees, 30-45 employees,  20-29 employees, 11-19 employees and 1-10 employees. From the nominees, the top three ranking from each category were honored on stage at the Small Business Awards Luncheon. You can view photos here.

The winning companies of each of the five categories are featured in an article that was released on April 22, 2016. This specific publication also discusses how small businesses are performing nationally over a given period of time.

We are blessed to have recognized for this award due to the hard work and dedication of our employees, and the continued loyalty and support from our clientele. Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to serve the real estate industry in the best way we know how, story telling through online marketing.

PlanOmatic is Now Integrated into Rezora

LogoIntegrationRezora users, we know when you use PlanOmatic you’d like to share your interactive marketing tools in as many places as possible. We’ve got some great news for you –

Two of your favorite marketing tools are now accessible in one spot! Under your “Apps & Integrations” tab, you can “Connect” to PlanOmatic to merge all of your photos, floor plans and PhotoPlans into your Rezora platform.

1 Apps & Integrations

2 My listings dashboard

The benefits:

  • Drag and drop your PhotoPlan directly into your email campaign
  • Easily access and include hi-res PlanOmatic photos
  • Choose from all photos taken by PlanOmatic, instead of only what’s available through the MLS

Get to know – Brandon Petteway



1) Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?
More of a root beer man, but if I’ve gotta pick then Coke all the way. I’ve always thought Pepsi was real nasty, even though in reality it’s all the same sugary nonsense.


2) What is your spirit animal?
I’ve always figured I’m a bit of a turtle, real slow and steady, and ain’t nothing can touch me in my shell.


3) What is your favorite season?
To be honest I like them all, hot summers or cold winters it’s all in your mindset of enjoying the day despite whatever discomfort comes your way.


4) On the weekends you are typically..
Nice weather means the outdoors, whether that’s camping, hiking, cycling, etc. Cold usually means I get lazy and end up on my couch or in a brewery somewhere.


5) What do your shoes say about you?
Half of the time I’ve got my cycling shoes on so I guess that’s pretty indicative of what I’m into.

Premium Membership

We owe our growth and success to you, our loyal clients.  We wanted a unique way to demonstrate our appreciation.  This sparked our idea to create the Premium Membership Program to help save you money through discounted services you already use!

We decided to take a closer look at some of our most popular add-on services and provide them at a lower rate through a yearly membership.

Here’s how it works: you pick which membership option is best suited for you and your listings, and you save money on services you’re already using on a regular basis.


The Silver Membership offers a RUSH delivery (with next business day turn around time) on all of your tours for the year for a one time payment of $199 for the year.  That means, if you add a RUSH to more than four tours a year, you are getting them for FREE!

The Blue Membership provides you the same RUSH delivery + a PlanoMotion video on every single tour through the year for a one time price of $299. If you order more than four RUSH and PlanoMotion videos for your listings each year, you are getting the rest for FREE.

You understand the importance of showcasing your listings through quality marketing to get them sold fast.  We understand the importance of saving your well-earned money while doing so. With the Premium Membership Program, we all win.

Elevate Your Listing Photography

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our newest service:   Elevated Photography!

Elevated photographs will display incredible views of the home that other photos can’t capture. These unique photos are a great way to enhance the everyday listing and will help attract more buyers. If your real estate marketing needs a boost, consider trying our new Elevated Photography!


Take a look at great examples of our elevated photos here. We offer Elevated Photography in all full service regions. Give us a call at 866-599-7526 to find out if we service your area!

Get On the Same “Page” With Facebook

As many of us know, Facebook is the largest social media site that is used by just about everyone.  You’ve most likely joined the club by now and have created a personal profile, but as a real estate professional you should also consider a Facebook “Fan Page”.  A Fan Page is like a profile for a business or other working professional and they’re very beneficial; many companies already have one.

Facebook Fan Pages are a place to house your business’ information and to connect with clients.  They allow you to focus on your insight and experience in the industry and will please your family by not flooding their Facebook newsfeed with your listings or real estate advice. They are a useful form of social media because you will get extra exposure, and your clients (and potential clients) may be more inclined to contact you if they feel they aren’t encroaching on your personal space (i.e. your personal profile).

Providing your real estate experience, advice, and listings on a Fan Page will allow buyers to find answers to their questions more quickly; and because Facebook is the largest social media site, this may be one of the first places they search for you. A Fan Page will give buyers and sellers information right away and won’t leave them guessing or waiting anxiously to speak with you in order to get answers.

This could also be a place to gather great reviews, and some of your clients might even post comments or praises that would credit your hard work and success!

By having this Fan Page available to clients, they will know that you truly care to connect with them when and where they need you.  Buyers looking for an agent will see that you’re a committed, transparent, and organized agent.

If you decide to create a Facebook Fan Page as a real estate agent, make sure you keep up with it. Respond to inquiries or post some knowledgeable advice as often as you can; either way, just be sure you’re connecting with your audience. Fan Pages are a great way to not only display your services and your dedication but also a great place for exposure. Try it out and see what it can do for you!


Branding is crucial for any business or company’s success, but it’s not often the first thing that is associated with real estate agents.  Most agents work such busy schedules between client meetings and open houses that it leaves little time to develop a brand strategy.

When a consumer hears your name or sees a logo, it is what comes to mind that is your brand.  It is everything they associate with your name or your product.  Therefore, the most important thing about a brand is the experience that comes with it.  This is especially the case when it comes to real estate agents.  An integral part of their branding is their organization, expertise, and the hard work they put in for their clients to make the whole experience as smooth and painless as possible.

Because marketing is such an intrinsic factor in selling a home, it is crucial that agents do this well.  By using well-crafted marketing tools like virtual tours, search engine optimization, and brochures, an agent can showcase their listings in the best way possible, gain it more exposure, and provide buyers with a more detailed look into a home.  On top of all this, good marketing will also provide an agent with proper branding.

Here’s an example:

Utilizing exceptional marketing tools to advertise a client’s home shows that the agent is invested in the listing, and it proves their dedication to clients and, therefore, their own career. Demonstrating such consistency and commitment to oneself and their clients is the key to professional branding success.

Consider the experience you provide for every one of your sellers and the tools that help make it a simpler process.  Branding does require some brainstorming and a plan, but it doesn’t have to involve a time-consuming strategy that takes attention away from your clients.  There are tools out there that you’re already utilizing that can easily help you develop your professional brand; it’s just a matter of whether or not you’re willing to go for it!