PlanOmatic Named to Inc. 5000 List Second Year Running


We are proud to have been named to the Inc. 5000 list for the second year running. This year, we ranked #1013 out of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in America with a 391% revenue growth over a three-year-period. We feel so thankful for how far we have come, and for all of the people who have made it possible, our PlanOFam. Thank you. To read more, check out the press release.


Aerial Photography for All!

After many grueling months of trials, regulations and laws, drones are finally allowed for usage within the real estate industry, and you better believe we’re catching onto that tail wind. PlanOmatic is now offering Aerial Photography services everywhere in the U.S.!

You’ve seen the stunning imagery before, but we’ll drop these here in case you need a refresher…


004-1272434-mls 004-aerial-3159597-mls



..and these…





Don’t feel bad, we’re drooling too. Want to see more? Let’s goooo.

5 Steps to Keep Busy this Holiday Season


As the weather gets colder, many of us go into hibernation mode. We may find ourselves having extra down time during the holiday season. Why? Folks are busy with parties or having guests in town. Buyers and sellers alike usually assume that buying a house this time of year is not a large priority with all of the holiday hustle and bustle taking place. But don’t let that stop you from staying busy. You can keep ahead of the curve with some creative time and prep work.

1. Get Organized

Now is the time to do clean up that you have been procrastinating all year long. Sort documents into their proper folders. Change desktop titles to easily searchable names. Organize your lists. Tidy up your desk space.

2. Research

Search the latest real estate statistics and articles to strengthen your industry knowledge. Keep up on what’s happening and what’s in the foreseeable future for your local market. Look for new leads. Find ways to keep your marketing fresh and to have your branding stand out from the competition.

3. Plan

Use your newly acquired knowledge and implement it into your strategy. Create outlines to follow for your marketing. Plan how you will seek out and follow up with new leads. Prepare documents you know will be needed at the start of the new year. Lay out a guide for how you will adjust your marketing strategy based on the change of seasons.

4. Be Creative

Take this time to do some creative brainstorming your own, and with teammates. Think of new ideas to keep your branding appealing to your audience. Create a new business card design. Change up your office space by re-positioning furniture or getting new decor. Work on a fun presentation that sums up accomplishments of the year, and goals for next year; share it with your colleagues.

5. Enjoy Time with Family and Friends

Tis’ the season to spend time with loved ones and appreciate all that we have. If you have time off during the holidays, be sure to make memories with the people who matter most!

Shea Stone, Marketing Assistant


Get On the Same “Page” With Facebook

As many of us know, Facebook is the largest social media site that is used by just about everyone.  You’ve most likely joined the club by now and have created a personal profile, but as a real estate professional you should also consider a Facebook “Fan Page”.  A Fan Page is like a profile for a business or other working professional and they’re very beneficial; many companies already have one.

Facebook Fan Pages are a place to house your business’ information and to connect with clients.  They allow you to focus on your insight and experience in the industry and will please your family by not flooding their Facebook newsfeed with your listings or real estate advice. They are a useful form of social media because you will get extra exposure, and your clients (and potential clients) may be more inclined to contact you if they feel they aren’t encroaching on your personal space (i.e. your personal profile).

Providing your real estate experience, advice, and listings on a Fan Page will allow buyers to find answers to their questions more quickly; and because Facebook is the largest social media site, this may be one of the first places they search for you. A Fan Page will give buyers and sellers information right away and won’t leave them guessing or waiting anxiously to speak with you in order to get answers.

This could also be a place to gather great reviews, and some of your clients might even post comments or praises that would credit your hard work and success!

By having this Fan Page available to clients, they will know that you truly care to connect with them when and where they need you.  Buyers looking for an agent will see that you’re a committed, transparent, and organized agent.

If you decide to create a Facebook Fan Page as a real estate agent, make sure you keep up with it. Respond to inquiries or post some knowledgeable advice as often as you can; either way, just be sure you’re connecting with your audience. Fan Pages are a great way to not only display your services and your dedication but also a great place for exposure. Try it out and see what it can do for you!