PlanOmatic is Now Integrated into Rezora

LogoIntegrationRezora users, we know when you use PlanOmatic you’d like to share your interactive marketing tools in as many places as possible. We’ve got some great news for you –

Two of your favorite marketing tools are now accessible in one spot! Under your “Apps & Integrations” tab, you can “Connect” to PlanOmatic to merge all of your photos, floor plans and PhotoPlans into your Rezora platform.

1 Apps & Integrations

2 My listings dashboard

The benefits:

  • Drag and drop your PhotoPlan directly into your email campaign
  • Easily access and include hi-res PlanOmatic photos
  • Choose from all photos taken by PlanOmatic, instead of only what’s available through the MLS

True Full Screen Slideshow Launched

In October of 2010, PlanOmatic decided to boldly go where most real estate photography companies have never gone before by dropping Adobe Flash technology. At the time, some may have called us crazy. Just a year prior, we were the first company to release a mobile interactive floor plan presentation optimized for the iPhone. We have always had a company culture that looked to the future, not to the past.

When we dropped Flash, it meant we had to make a few sacrifices, one of them being true full screen slideshow support. We were able to provide full browser screen slideshows, but we didn’t have the technology available to take control over the entire screen. That changes today with our latest PhotoPlan 3GN release. Click the image below to view this Massachusetts PhotoPlan and find the “Full Screen” button in the bottom right hand corner.

This change is one of many projects we have on our list for 2012 and we have many more in the queue. We hope everyone enjoys the fruits of full screen slideshows without the need for Adobe’s Flash plugin. The only caveat here is that our favorite application, Internet Explorer (7, 8 & 9), does not yet support full screen mode using JavaScript. Did you sense the sarcasm in that last sentence?

Photography Credit: Daniel Wodecki, PlanOmatic

PlanOmatic Launches “Modern Theme” PhotoPlan

Introducing PhotoPlan Modern Theme

Elegance Redesigned

Tomorrow, PlanOmatic is launching PhotoPlan Modern Theme. If you already thought our PhotoPlan was a slick and elegant viewer, wait till you see this. Here are a few of the new tricks Modern Theme has to offer:
  • Full-browser screen mode
  • Even faster load time
  • Wider, larger images
  • Better use of thumbnails
  • Clearer photo captions
  • Cleaner slideshow user interface
  • iPad finger swiping & interactive floor plans

Click here to see PhotoPlan Modern Theme in action!

Now that we introduced Modern Theme, that means you have THREE different themes to choose from. Vintage, Classic and Modern.


We strongly encourage any form of constructive feedback. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts.

622 Riversville Road Virtual Tour from PlanOmatic –

Mark Pruner of Prudential Connecticut Realty in Greenwich, CT wrote some nice things about PlanOmatic in his blog post. In particular, he had great things to say about Rob Staub, our southeast Connecticut photographer, Barr Covrigaru, Production Coordinator and Chad Gagnon, Production Manager. Thanks for the review Mark, and a very cool blog if I may say so myself!

PlanOmatic Quarterly Newsletter

If you are unable to see this message, click to view in a browser
The Plancamera-lens-icon 4matic Exposure

A Quarterly Newsletter Sharing the Latest & Greatest at PlanOmatic

We hope you had a wonderful beginning to the 2011 Holiday Season. We are pleased to announce that the past quarter has been our fastest growing quarter over the last five years, and we have nobody else to thank, but you. Our next quarter will be focused mainly on planning and preparation for 2012. Let me share with you some of our latest and greatest advances.


PhotoPlan SPEED: We recently deployed an upgraded PhotoPlan that boasts far greater speed through code optimization and Amazon S3 cloud storage. The positive reviews have been overwhelming. Check out this NYC Penthouse for yourself.


Photo Uploader: PlanOmatic has opened the flood gates for you to upload your own photos. Whether they be a few extra shots you took after the wallpaper came down, or maybe you want a new primary photo that matches the current season. Now you can, and we’ve made the process simple and convenient.

drag_and_drop 2

Drag & Drop Photo Editing: No more cumbersome drop-down menus and arrows. Our development team has adopted technology used by other companies such as Facebook, Google and Flickr, to give you a user friendly experience when sorting your images.


Real Estate Connect NYC by Inman: This year, PlanOmatic is a Bronze Sponsor at Connect. We took the opportunity to sponsor this conference because we truly believe in the Inman culture, and what this conference has to offer. If you are interested in attending, click this link to register at $649 instead of $899, a savings of $250. If you already plan on attending, we would love to meet you there. PlanOmatic is planning a little surprise at the conference as well, so look for us right around cocktail hour!

We hope you are as excited as we have been to roll out these new features. We welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reply with your praise, or requests for future development.


Kori Covrigaru, CEO
Direct: 303-658-0670

866-599-PLAN (7526)



Flash Free PlanOmatic PhotoPlan 3GN Home Tour

No, not the flash on our cameras.  The flash I’m talking about is Adobe’s Flash.  You remember, right?  It’s the Flash that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has repeatedly criticized for mobile use, specifically for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.  It’s the action that results in a “Please download Flash…” message when browsing a flash-based website on your iPhone or iPad.  It’s the Flash that seems to be dying a not to slow death.

At this point, it’s no longer up to us to decide whether Steve Jobs is right or wrong.  Apple has clearly paved the way for our current and future mobile experience.  It’s now up to us to make sure our end users (potential buyers) are getting the experience they set out for upon visiting a PlanOmatic PhotoPlan for one of your listings.  We’re not the only ones moving away from Flash.  Here are some big name companies that have either scrapped Flash altogether, or have an HTML5 or JavaScript substitute:

There are many more not listed here, and many yet to come.

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been cooking up in our kitchen, and the meal is ready to be served.  A special shout-out goes to our friends at FarView Consulting for a job very well done.  Introducing (drums please)… The PlanOmatic PhotoPlan 3GN, completely free of Adobe Flash.

Landing Page

Photo Gallery

Contact Page

Property Info

Interactive Floor Plan

Google Map

PhotoPlan 3GN now allows our home tours to be usable on all Internet platforms for both mobile and desktop.  Don’t worry, we still have our proprietary PhotoPlan Mobile for the iPhone.  So if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, right about now you’re asking yourself “So what? Why are people bothering me with this Flash crap all the time?” If you’re one of those people, take a step back for a moment and think about this.  You actually don’t really care whether your PhotoPlan works on your own mobile device. Why? BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WHO WILL HOPEFULLY BUY YOUR LISTING!  Based on this article by AppleInsider, chances are that 33% or more of the potential buyers searching for real estate from a mobile device are doing it using Apple’s iOS  on the iPhone, and we’re not even talking about the iPod Touch or iPad.

Ok.  So I covered exactly why we moved away from Flash, but here’s the real reason for this post.  Not only did we convert our PhotoPlan viewer from Flash to JavaScript, but we took this opportunity to completely redesign the entire presentation, inside and out.  Here are the main points you need to know about PhotoPlan 3GN, and why it’s a huge leap from our Flash-based PhotoPlan Pro:

  • Clean and elegant with a great user experience. No hard to find features. Everything organized and always just one click away.
  • 3GN focuses on your large, beautiful photos, now at 830 pixels wide displayed at an HD 3:2 ratio, more than double the size of our previous viewer.
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile. PhotoPlan 3GN works seamlessly on the iPad. Don’t worry, we still have our proprietary PhotoPlan Mobile for the iPhone.
  • A full page dedicated to branding yourself with more information than ever. Same goes for Property Information.
  • Location, location, location. Large integrated Google map/satellite view.
  • PhotoPlan 3GN loads faster than you can say the word “Internet”.
  • New, redesigned interactive floor plan. We separated the photo gallery from the interactive floor plan viewer, now getting the best of both worlds.

PlanOmatic is offering PhotoPlan 3GN on an exclusive basis for the remainder of 2010.  If you are interested in participating, please post a comment or email me at kori(at)planomatic(dot)com.  Once you apply, please allow us 2-3 business days to get back to you.

We hope you find this to be as ground breaking as we do. Without a doubt, this change will make the home buyer experience more friendly and more focused on what is important about YOUR listing.